Can I Prevent Peach Fuzz After Menopause?

Published: 29th December 2009
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For those of you out there who don't know what Peach Fuzz is, Peach Fuzz is generally a symptom of perimenopause in women, when levels of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) become gradually higher than the estrogen levels in our body. It basically causes very fine hair to grow more predominantly on our faces, particularly the upper lip, cheek bones and even the forehead. But few women know that there are many different techniques out there to help you manage it.

Peach Fuzz hits different women in different ways. Some women can sometimes only get fine blonde hair on the upper lip and neck, whereas other women report to have it all over their faces, but whether it's a few stubborn hairs on your upper lips, or a fuzz that covers your face, there's something out there that will suit your needs.

One of the most effective and painless ways to control Peach Fuzz, has got to be prescription drugs. Sources from women's health information indicate that there are drugs that could effectively block the effect testosterone has on hair follicles, as well as some other menopause symptoms. Prescription products especially for peach fuzz can be available through your doctor. These types of drugs generally work by slowing the metabolism of the hair growth. While it does not eliminate the hair, it does significantly slow its growth.

There are also professional skincare products on the market too, that say they eliminate peach fuzz after menopause, but it's always wise to remain skeptical until proven, and discuss other options that can be prescribed with your Doctor.

As years have gone by, good options to solve Peach Fuzz have been quite limited. If there is only limited hair showing, the most common response is to simply tweeze rogue fuzz using a simple pair of tweezers, or a gadget designed for such jobs to do the same thing electronically for you, and it seems to keep less severe cases of Peach Fuzz at bay. However, one main issue with this method can be that plucking fuzz can stimulate the hair follicle, causing the hair follicle to grow more actively, which means hair growth can sometimes grow back quicker and thicker.

If you want to go beyond tedious tweezing, then it might be worth considering shaving it off. Some women claim that it prevents their peach fuzz from returning for longer, and that they only have to do it once a month. With finer hair, it doesn't tend to leave a 'stubble' type texture on the face. However, although shaving reduces time spent on managing your Peach Fuzz, in cases where your fuzz is more prominent, you might experience stubble that women with finer hair may not, and has even, in slightly rarer cases, been known to leave a 5 o' clock shadow effect, and can usually be something you will have to keep up with once committed.

There are more extreme ways of dealing with your Peach Fuzz, but I would only recommend these techniques if you have really suffered an ego bashing from your prominent facial fuzz. Electrolysis and laser hair removal are two common ways that women who are more self conscious of their peach fuzz deal with it.

Electrolysis is one of the only proven ways of removing rogue facial hair, although compared to laser removal, it can be more painful and has been likened to sensations such as bee stings and prickling. It targets each individual follicle on your face. It generally only concentrates on a small area of your face, like around the eyebrows etc, so it could take any number of sessions depending on the treatment you require.

Laser is generally the cheaper of the two, and can require less time and treatments, however, it's not really recommended if you have dark skin, or light hair. With laser, the pain is often described as a rubber band 'snapping' against your skin and a heat sensation. Coarse, dark hair feels more of the burn. So a man's laser hair removal in the beard and moustache area will feel more painful than a woman's lip, cheeks or chin.

Laser would be the better choice if you would be happy with most of the hair being removed, or just the hair being finer and lighter. If you have a lot of light hair removal, or the hair is something you want the best chances of getting permanent hair removal, then electrolysis is probably the choice for you.

There's a range of different ways to manage your peach fuzz, ranging from painless to painful, the inexpensive to the expensive. There's a way to suit everyone, but before doing anything drastic, it's always worth weighing your options and speaking to your doctor for advice first.


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